A Brief Guide On Bipolar Disorder

By - Vivek Bisht

bipolar disorder

Reading Time: 8 minutes Bipolar disorder is a psychological issue known to create outrageous changes in mood. Symptoms can incorporate an incredibly high state of mind called Mania. They can likewise incorporate depressing times and called bipolar disease or manic depression. Individuals with bipolar […]

Why You Should Eat Organic Food

By - Vivek Bisht

Reading Time: 2 minutes Organic food refers to a way of producing food without using any manmade chemical substances. This includes herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, & GMOs (bioengineered genes). However, organic food is not limited to just vegetarian products, organic livestock owners are creating feasible […]

How Drinking Coffee Improves Your Workout

By - Vivek Bisht

Reading Time: 7 minutes Did you know drinking coffee improves your workout & uphold your objective for getting more fit? People are usually bewildered if coffee is optimal for workouts?  Well, various experts believe coffee is incredible for getting you rolling. Additionally drinking some […]

Causes, Treatment And Types of Psoriasis

By - Vivek Bisht


Reading Time: 2 minutes Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease that causes red & itchy scalp patches on multiple body parts. There exist multiple types of psoriasis and all require different treatment. It’s a long-term disease and requires quality care to overcome psoriasis. […]

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

By - Vivek Bisht

aromatherapy massage

Reading Time: 7 minutes As an alternative medicine treatment, aromatherapy massage makes use of oils extracted from flowers, plants, roots, leaves, etc. When essential oils are inhaled or applied over the skin it trends to provide numerous health benefits. For their ability to treat […]

Everything You Need To Know About Uterine Fibroids

By - Vivek Bisht

Reading Time: 2 minutes Uterine fibroid is a medical condition, related to women. It occurs when abnormal growth happens in or on the woman’s uterus causing severe abdominal pain & heavy bleeding. Many a time fibroids can be undetectable. The size of fibroids can […]

Foods To Prevent Hair Loss & Baldness

By - Vivek Bisht

foods to prevent hair loss & baldness

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hair loss is a common problem regardless of age and gender. While genetics play an important role in hair growth and balding patterns, the food we consume is another important overlooked reason for hair loss. Hair loss is directly linked […]

How To Prevent Leg Cramps During Pregnancy?

By - Vivek Bisht

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s common to experience leg cramps during the later stages of pregnancy. Though the exact reason is not yet known it could be due to additional pregnancy weight gain and mainly occurs at night. While some studies say the reason […]

Baby’s Brain development During Pregnancy

By - Vivek Bisht

baby's brain development

Reading Time: 8 minutes Pregnancy is a happy & exciting time full of rapid changes. The growth and development of both baby and child take place through the pregnancy period. While the growth outside is clearly visible, it’s development happening inside that’s truly enthralling. […]

5 Different Types Of Alopecia

By - Vivek Bisht


Reading Time: 2 minutes Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss on the scalp and other parts of our body. In general, there exists multiple types of alopecia conditions and all requires different types of treatment Let’s have a look at 5 […]