7 Health Problems Caused By Binge Eating

By - Vivek Bisht

binge eating

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With the availability of delicious food around, it gets hard to not overeat. Without proper knowledge of portion size, it’s normal to binge eat which has several negative effects on our health. To control binge eating it’s essential to understand the effects it has on our health.

Binge eating may cost your health. Check out the common problems you can avoid by following the right diet in the right amount:

Weight Gain

Weight gain with binge eating

Binge eaters eat frequently and in large portions—considerably more than what’s healthy to eat at a time. Moreover, their platter is heaped with unhealthy food items as well.

Excessive eating can make you gain more unhealthy pounds. Out of every 3 individuals, 2 people with binge eating problems are obese. Being way overweight & ignoring good food sources, can cause numerous other medical issues.

Emotional Stress

binge eating

Binge eating can influence your emotional wellbeing. A number of people regret it extremely after a binge eating session. They additionally feel worried, unhappy, and embarrassed that they can’t handle their eating.

Individuals with binge eating disorders avoid the company of others and invest a great amount of energy alone. This can prompt depression sometimes. 

Type 2 Diabetes

type 2 diabetes

Individuals who are overweight are almost certain to acquire Type 2 Diabetes. What happens when your body can’t make or utilize Insulin adequately enough to keep the sugar level controlled in your blood.

Binge eating can cause Type 2 Diabetes & you may have to take a jab of Insulin. Managing diabetes likewise implies making changes to eating and exercise routine. In turn, Type 2 Diabetes can have genuine entanglements, including coronary illness.

Cardiovascular Disease

binge eating

Individuals who binge eat have an extended danger of developing cardiovascular disease. This incorporates coronary illness, respiratory failure, and ultimately stroke. The additional weight acquired from gorging makes cardiovascular sickness almost certain.

Eating food varieties high in fat, sugar, and salt during gorging likewise adds to elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. That can harm veins and obstruct arteries, which can impede the bloodstream to the heart or cerebrum.

Sleep Problems

sleep problem

Research shows individuals with binge eating disorders are more prone to have sleeping issues. They additionally have a more prominent risk of having sleep apnea. This sleep condition makes your breathing interrupted while you rest. The interruptions are brief, yet they happen again and again.

Sleep apnea is more normal in obese individuals, partially on the grounds that it develops around fat. This can make it difficult to inhale during rest. Having sleep apnea increases your risk of coronary illness and Type 2 Diabetes.

Joint Problems

Back pain with binge eating

Gaining extra pounds with binge eating can weaken your joints making them incapable of wearing your body weight & hamper your walking. It can likewise cause Osteoarthritis. That is the point at which the ligament inside your joints erodes.

This can happen to any joint—the knees, hips, fingers, etc. The joints become stiff and agonizing. This can make it difficult to stroll around, lift something, or do movements without torment.

Fertility and Pregnancy Problems

binge eating

Binge eating can influence fertility, making it harder for ladies to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Periods might be sporadic rather than on a normal cycle. Pregnant ladies with gorging issues are more likely than others to go for a cesarean pregnancy.

There’s likewise a high danger of growing high sugar and hypertension while pregnant, which is risky for both the mother and the child.

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