Effective Tips for Managing Anxiety

By - Vivek Bisht

manage anxiety

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anxiety has become a normal part of our life. However, frequent & excessive anxiety can be troublesome. It affects our health, quality of life and prevents our bodies to function effectively. Let’s have a look at some amazing tips for […]

A Brief Guide On Bipolar Disorder

By - Vivek Bisht

bipolar disorder

Reading Time: 8 minutes Bipolar disorder is a psychological issue known to create outrageous changes in mood. Symptoms can incorporate an incredibly high state of mind called Mania. They can likewise incorporate depressing times and called bipolar disease or manic depression. Individuals with bipolar […]

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

By - Vivek Bisht

aromatherapy massage

Reading Time: 7 minutes As an alternative medicine treatment, aromatherapy massage makes use of oils extracted from flowers, plants, roots, leaves, etc. When essential oils are inhaled or applied over the skin it trends to provide numerous health benefits. For their ability to treat […]

Causes & Treatment of Headache After Nap

By - Vivek Bisht

headache after nap

Reading Time: 7 minutes Ever experienced a headache after completing a nap? Headache after a nap is generally nothing to worry about. Although, taking naps have been found to increase productivity, creativity, accuracy, etc. Yet, sometimes that doesn’t happen. It’s quite possible that you […]

Benefits of Play Therapy For Kids

By - Vivek Bisht

play therapy

Reading Time: 7 minutes Play therapy is a psycho-remedial treatment used to help kids ages 3 to 12. Highly effective to investigate their lives and openly express feelings through play. Therapeutic play ordinarily happens in a protected, restricted area, where not many principles or […]

5 Ways To Help You Manage Depression

By - Vivek Bisht

depression management

Reading Time: 7 minutes Depression is among the major issues that people go through these days. It’s much easy to find a case with depression than to manage depression effectively. Life of the person becomes gloomy with depression and it requires real effort from […]

How to Unplug & Recharge Yourself

By - Shweta Bhakuni

unplug & recharge yourself

Reading Time: 6 minutes The way COVID has stuck to our life it would be an understatement to call 2020 just another challenging year. Working from home while managing other responsibilities like parenthood and homeschooling, in particular, has made it hard to unplug & […]

Some Anxiety Issues In Children

By - Vivek Bisht

Anxiety in children

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just like adults, children can get anxious & worried about certain things. Children can form anxiety issues from an early age. They may develop fears & anxiety from animals, insects, blood, water, dark, etc. Let’s have a look at some […]

Some Physical Symptoms of Depression

By - Vivek Bisht

Reading Time: 7 minutes Though depression is a mental illness, it can likewise have multiple physical symptoms as well. However, the physical symptoms of depression are so common in nature that patients can’t identify that potential cause of those symptoms can be depression. Lets […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Talk Therapy

By - Vivek Bisht

talk therapy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Talk therapy is an effective way to deal with negative thoughts & bring positive changes. It helps people who are surrounded by difficult times & also who have a mental illness. This therapy revolves around talking to a professional who […]