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Dr. Gunjan Baweja
Sector 19D

Dr. Gunjan Baweja

₹500 15 min call

Child Specialist/ Pediatrician

MRCPCH UK38462 Dr. Gunjan Baweja is a Veteran Consultant Pediatrician holding experience of almost 12 years.

Dr. Munish Malik
Sector 44D

Dr. Munish Malik

₹500 30 min call

Homeopathic Physician

MD1897-A Dr. Munish Malik is a leading Homeopathic Practitioner & awarded nutritionist with over 15 years of experience.

Dt. Rashi Goel

Dt. Rashi Goel

₹450 30 min call

Dietitian/ Nutritionist

M.Sc Dietitics and Food IDA/10488 Dt. Rashi Goel is a qualified Dietitian and diabetes educator with over 8 years of experience working in PGI.

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I was extremely delighted with the service provided by TalkToMedic. Booking Online Appointment with Specialist was an amazing experience. It’s the best platform for working people who find it hard to visit a doctor for consultation. As it saves your money and time altogether.

- Neha Dhiman, Chandigarh

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TalkToMedic is an easy-to-use platform for scheduling Online Appointment with Specialist/ Doctor. Being a non technical professional I was able to navigate through it seamlessly and with-in a few clicks.
I could search, Schedule, and consult with the Best Doctor near me. I will definitely suggest TalkToMedic to everyone for every medical condition.

- Ashish Chauhan, Chandigarh

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